"once we decide to take the jump we won't stop moving forward until we reach our goal : poursuite of happiness,
There will be a million and a half things that come up, but we will get there where we want to be and there is no better feeling!"

Frédérique is a french outgoing interior Architect and designer, she is based in New York city, where she continues her Interior Design consultancy.
Her passion for architecture, people and contemporary Art, led her to an array of invaluable opportunities in France and in the United States. She believes simplicity, balance and attention to detail throughout projects within her work is fundamental to the success of timelessness and uniqueness design.
Her drive: propelling design and elegance into all aspects of her life, spreading the culture of a project to a broad range of stakeholders, integrating them from the very beginning to the history. She has been offered and trusted as a consultant architect designer, with significant projects with high level responsibilities. All these experiences have greatly enhanced her knowledge and her interest in people, space and wellness.

Special Awards

“My restaurant” winner, by Sogeres, French Food leader.

“My chair” winner, by the French National Education.

"Mobilier design en Aubusson", collaboration with the Artist Guillaume Leblon.

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